Tips on Boosting your Gaming PC’s Performance


Gaming PCs may at times start misbehaving and run low on performance. In case you feel your gaming PC’s performance has dipped, here are a few tips to boost its performance.

Remove Accumulated Dust

When dust accumulates on the heat-sinks, it restricts airflow thus causing overheating which consequently leads to a dip in performance. You can use a professional blower to remove dust. If you love your machine, you can blow it out weekly. But make sure you do it after switching the machine off and draining any remaining power.

Replace Thermal Paste

If your thermal paste is old, it may cause the CPU to overheat often. This might be a cause for slow performance. It is recommended that you change your PC’s thermal paste at least once every two years. But if you want optimal performance, change it regularly.

Keep Windows and Drivers Updated

Lack of regular updates may be the reason behind dismal performance of your gaming PC. It is important to make sure your gaming PC is up to date with the latest Windows as well as drivers. Above all, have an active antivirus system to shield your PC from attacks especially when gaming online is necessary.

Avoid Launching Background Programs

Many times, you find several programs running in the background that you are not aware of. These programs use the same resources as your game. You can always launch the task manager and close down all the programs that you are not using. Also, uninstall programs that you don’t require.

Execute Cleanups Frequently

Application data, temporary web files, and cookies may slow down your computer. For these reasons, you should always clean them up to free your disk space. A good tool for this is CCleaner which can remove all these clutter in a single swoop.

Wrap Up

If you follow and implement the above tips, you will keep your gaming PC in good condition. However, make sure that you use the right equipment to do the job or else you might damage some components!