Factors for Choosing a Gaming PC


Different games require different PC specifications to run smoothly for that remarkable gaming experience. However, many gaming enthusiasts don’t know exactly what to consider when shopping for these PCs. So today, we have decided to list 5 important factors to consider when buying a gaming PC.

1. CPU

The CPU is the core of gaming. The CPU that you should go for is greatly determined by the games you would like to play. While old and simple titles require low-end processors, the latest high-end titles require the best processors, for example, the famous Intel Core-i7. How the CPU is cooled is also important. While many PCs use fans, some high-end PCs like the Velocity Z95 combine fans and liquid coolants.

2. Graphics

Different brands are now offering high-performance graphics cards that are able to deliver stunning 4K displays even with heavy titles. It is recommended that you go for a gaming PC that comes with the best graphics cards, for example, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080, AMD Radeon RX and so on.

3. Memory

Even though memory is highly disregarded, it forms the backbone of seamless and smooth gaming. It is however dependent on the games you want to play. Low-end games require little memory while heavy titles may demand up to 32 GB RAM for maximum output.

4. Storage

This is pretty straightforward. Heavy titles with capacities of over 50 GB, you definitely need ample storage. If not, your preferred PC should have enough expansion slots so that you may store all your games in one place.

5. Audio & Connectivity

If you are a gaming enthusiast, you understand that audio is an integral part of the gaming experience that adds thrill to gaming. Make sure you get a gaming PC that has good audio for the best experience. Also, it should be well connected to ensure it doesn’t limit your productivity.


Now that you know the basics you need to consider, make sure you buy the perfect gaming PC that will enable you to play your preferred titles smoothly.